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31 January 2009 @ 02:48 am
Challenge idea  
I have been having Atlantis withdrawls, and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to write a story like this; also, I have been watching the second season and slowly moving forward.

What if, Sheppard got killed, and died in Rodney's arms, surrounded by his team. (What if it wasn't really Sheppard?) I can see Rodney changing big time. His sarcastic manner would be toned way down. He would take charge of the team, and lead the team. It's almost like he's become Sheppard, but he really hasn't. He's changed so much that it scares others. He's still snarky when it comes to science, but he's more ballsy, like Sheppard. He's even learned how to fight hand to hand, and he's deadly with the weapons. He's learned from Teyla, the Banto rods. He's more physically fit, and if it's possible, he's become an excellent military strategist. This can even be an alternate universe story too. Like I said, just an idea, and there are some wonderful writters out there. Also, I love to see Kolya in the pic too. I think that Mckay would have no problem in killing him. Kolya doesn't like the way he's changed, and now knows, he can not defeat Mckay. Just an idea.